"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 7, 2008

Instead of a vote for Pedro

Last weekend when our friends from TX were here, we found these cute
Napoleon*Dynamite t-shirts at the Bible bookstore. And "Gosh! What would you do in a situation like that?!" ; )

(By the way, our family happens to be WAY too into Napoleon!)

Anyway, these cute buddies, warmed our hearts as they went around the house chanting "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!"

The boys had a chance to wear their shirts together again this weekend, when our friends came back to see us after their cruise ended.
And well... those shirts aren't as white as they were in this photo anymore. ; )

We all had a blast together. Our kids love each other like cousins, which is really sweet.
We will be looking forward to the next time the Lord brings us all together again.


Becky said...

very cute!

Susan said...

I want some of those shirts for my kids!!!

They are too cute.

Sniz said...

Those are neat shirts. I'm almost ashamed to admit this on here, but we have the Vote for Pedro shirts. But these look better!