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January 8, 2008

For the love of tennis

When we were in college, my (future) hubby and I had p.e. together.
We took tennis.

And it was so much fun.

I loved playing with the one I was in love with, even if my score was sometimes 'love.'

After we were married, we decided that we wanted to have our children right away so that we would still be young enough to play tennis when they all grew up and left home, which totally cracks me up now, when I think about it. My hubby has much more spiritual goals for our empty nester years. : )


All is not lost because we have just discovered

tennis on the Wii*.

And we've been playing each other when our kiddos are in bed and its SO much fun! We both had sore arms from all the fun.

The first time we played together I actually won, which I CAN NOT do in real life.
The next night, he said that being beat by me at tennis was probably not good for our love life. ; )

(Have I mentioned that all the males of this family are quite competitive?)

Come to find out, that while I was out that evening, he'd been practicing! And getting pointers from the kids!

This led to a glorious victory and he won every match.

When it was over, I said: "I think it's good for our love life if I let you win." ha ha

(which was not true and he knew it) ; )


(posted with permission from my sweet tennis opponent)


Becky said...


Becky said...

You have GOT to go here and click on the homeschool family. Hilarious!


Sniz said...

I've heard so much great stuff about the Wii being a great physical workout. I'm trying to tell my husband that it's the cheapest exercise machine out there. Imagine, having so much fun, in your own house but NOT on the couch! That's so awesome and another reason I want to get one!

BTW, you've been tagged over at my place.