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January 3, 2008

How a family room turned into a "Man Cave" in four short days

Here are the three crazy things that happened that changed our family room forever. (it was like a conspiracy or something! ha ha)

First of all, our neighbors bought three plasma TVS for Christmas (one for each bedroom) and gave us a TV that was bigger and nicer than our one and only one. : ) My hubby thought it would be fun to build a shelf for the TV and put it in the family room for playing their other gift. (the Wii*) Carlos jumped on that idea and in a few hours he had that shelf all built. (my favorite painter still has to paint it when all the fun of the holidays are over)

Then Carlos gave the kiddos a Foosball table for Christmas.

And then Uncle Phil surprised the Gator fans of the family with this very large sticker. ; )
And voila! The family room now looks like a game room

or as the guys of this family prefer to call it

The new Man Cave.

I still have my little homeschooling area...
but this room is not looking too academic now. ; )



Susan said...

That is an AWESOME room. Iwish I had one like that in my house. Have fun in your new game room and make lots of memories.

Sniz said...

Girl, you RaWK for letting them turn your living room into a game room and only having a corner for homeschool! Every year, I give up a little more on the idea of having my home look like the traditional home with a dining room and living room. Our school room is our dining room and we also live in the living room since it's a great room and we don't have a family room. The traditional home I used to crave is now completely gone. Someday it might come back, but if it doesn't, that's ok! Your living room looks fun!

Becky said...

LOVE the man cave. That means you get another room for yourself. Way to go!