"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 17, 2007

Wednesday Nights

My dear hubby and I teach the Kindergarten, First and Second Grade BOYS at church on Wednesday nights. It is the Ranger Kids section of Royal Rangers.
There are close to 40 of them. Some nights are crazy and others are smooth. Right now we are praying for more help. We only have one other man who helps out in the class. (a former Marine! That yell of his comes in handy at times)
Tonight was one of those great nights for me. I had one of those teachable moments. Don't you love those?! In between the lesson, the playground and the snack, some of the boys had some earnest questions about Heaven and Jesus' return. What a thrill to share the truth with them. They aren't always little sponges that soak up what you are saying. We don't see tons of 'fruit' teaching this grade level like we did when we were in youth ministry. My hubby reminds me that we are planting. It's all about sowing. . . Sowing love and sowing the Word. One day, there will be a harvest...

Have I mentioned how amazing my hubby is lately?
How many men can go into a room of 35 boys and keep their attention. (It is a gift! He is amazing.) How many can be used by God to be funny and fun after working 8 1/2 hard hours and driving 30 min. to get there? How many would even want to try?! He is my hero!

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