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January 23, 2007

Fish tank fun

Can fish have heart attacks? : )
We think we've seen one! The poor little thing shook all over, then swam around like he was fine and then died! (of course, he had a name so it was sad)
We've had one fish get stuck in the filter and live. That was nice.
We found out that they can be 'scared to death' -literally. Three of them had that fate from a little friend of ours.
And one did a Nemo imitation. Or was it Gill? Someone (yes, I have guilt) left the tank open and it dove out for freedom (forgetting that it's "all drains lead to the ocean") and landed on the living room rug and wasn't noticed until it was too late.

Fish tank fun started for us on Father's day last year as a gift to the best Dad ever. My hubby had been saying that our new living room would not be complete until he had a fish tank. (years ago we had one when we traded in an obnoxious parrot for it-but that's another story) You see, we have relaxation tactics around here. I guess because we need them! Mine is sitting in the living room with lit candles everywhere and his is to gaze at fish. : )

We had a great time surprising him with the tank and the stand. We got a raw wood jelly cabinet to be the stand from Wood You. So, it was rather a 'do it yourself ' gift but thankfully he loves staining and varnishing wood. Then we took him for a picnic dinner at the beach. (that actually sounds like something we should have done for Mother's Day instead because he is not a beach lover!) Anyway, we wanted to show him this gorgeous beach that we had enjoyed recently with our home school group. Well, Hurricane Ernesto had just come through ( it wasn't a big one) and the beach was not pretty. No fluffy sand or green translucent water... Instead the water was dark. There were big rocks and seaweed all over the place.-blah!
- But then it hit us! Big white FREE rocks were everywhere. How cool would some of those look in our new tank! (and did I mention free?!) So, we decided to make a our tank look Floridian. No fluorescent rocks and plastic plants or mermaids for us! It turned out really nice!

I tease my hubby about the fact that when mentioning his vision of the perfect living room, he left out the part about how he would never actually feed the fish or clean the tank! ; )
But, at least I don't have to dispose of any remains! Since the kids find them so fascinating, they do all the flushing!

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