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January 18, 2007

Camping in your Slippers

This weekend is the Trace camping trip for my hubby and Zach who are members of FCF. (Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship) This is their first real event after becoming members last year. That in itself is quite a feat. Lots of merits to be earned and classes to be taken. Then comes the grueling initiation and the hazing -in Christian love. (of course!) And what do they get to do now that they are in? Camp in their slippers!

Actually, everyone has to wear time period appropriate clothing. And well, unless you want to go and skin a pig (we actually have a friend who is planning to do this-ugh!) then you settle for leather slippers from the clearance rack at Walmart and hope that no one gives you a hard time about your rubber soles! : )

School today, included a lesson on making char-cloth. Here's what I learned today:
1. Pre-burned cloth helps start a fire with a spark from flint and steel
2. Chimneias come in handy for the cooking of the cotton in a tin can
3. Taking cotton out of the tin can and putting it on the BBQ grill is much faster!
4. Those little pieces of cloth could spark and relight while you are at Walmart
5. Taking the blow dryer outside and trying it out on the cloth puts your mind at ease about whether or not they will relight when the wind blows and burn down your whole house

I won't bore you with the details of the worst traffic jam I can remember or shopping for sale priced slippers and a lantern with oil, because of course a flashlight just will not do! Or getting two carts full of groceries while you are there... (this post was almost titled Utter Exhaustion instead, but that wasn't very creative)

Guess what works if you do not have or know of an animal to skin, for canvas pants? : )
Painters pants! And guess what my dear hubby is? And what he owns? Yay! And guess what we get at the paint store? A discount! Now, the painter's son has his own painters paints! But, I will probably have a fit if Zach actually paints in them because, well, it wasn't that much of a discount!

(Note: John has taught all the kids to paint and Zach is really good at cutting in! We've done some painting projects as a family and bartered for some pretty cool stuff!)

I had to give Zach a big hug and rejoice in God's grace that we had everything pulled together and that they were looking pretty 1870'ish by 5:30 this evening! And he reminded me of a wonderful fact. It may be a lot of work but I don't have to actually GO camping! Amen to that! I will stay right here in 2007, wearing my slippers IN the house ...and missing them while they are gone.
~ Becky

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