"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 7, 2017

When Mother's day came early

Two of my kids wanted to know if Mother's Day could be early this year. They wanted to buy tickets to see a concert that happens to be on Mother's Day and I said I was totally fine with that. -I don't mind what day I get celebrated. LOL

To my surprise, it was on Thursday night after work!
I came home to find out that they had bought two tickets to The King and I at the performing arts center! They let me know that they weren't cheap, which is why they bought two tickets instead of three. : )

They had everything all thought out! Such a creative gift!
Joy had all my fanciest dresses laid out on my bed to make it easy to choose one and then she did my hair! Such luxury!
 Andrew was my date and a perfect gentleman, who wouldn't let me pay for things.
Since we didn't really have time for dinner, we had a quick little picnic outside the theater, which made the whole night even more fun.
It was so special to be out, all dressed up enjoying something cultural. It was Andrew's first play ever and I"m so glad that I got to experience it with him!
The play was really pretty funny. -We will probably be saying "Etc, etc, etc..." for many days to come. : )
We were totally enthralled until intermission. And then the second half seemed very L O N G.
So long in fact, that he doesn't think he ever needs to see another play. LOL

It was the loveliest of Thursday nights and wonderful "Mother's Day."

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