"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 30, 2017

Class of 2017

Graduation weekend happened! And by God's grace, it was perfect!
So many things could have gone wrong and none of them did! Hooray!
Lots of love was poured out on my sweet graduate and he was blessed! 

One night before the fun started, I gave myself permission to cry about my hubby missing this and I think that helped somehow. Then I asked dear friends to keep us in prayer for the weekend ahead. And it did feel like he was 'with us in spirit.' 

Thursday night my bestie and her son flew in! Hooray! 
Friday I worked and then she and I cooked for a houseful of precious kids and went shopping and did party prep. And we stopped for mini-donuts without all the kids, because we could! LOL 

Saturday, we did more cooking and then drove Andrew and his friends to the hotel where the ceremony was to be held for the home schoolers  in our state. He attended the 5 hour practice (yes, you read that right!) and his friends enjoyed the hotel's water park. One of his 'gifts' was to stay there over night with his friends since the ceremony was in the morning. -I'm happy to say, no lamps were broken in the process! 
When I saw how nice their room was, I kept wondering why I was letting a bunch of boys stay THERE when I was driving all the way back home. LOL

Lots of decorating and the frosting of cupcakes happened late into the night.  
The next day these sweet friends and lots more, missed church and came to the longest ceremony ever. : )  

J made this shirt with Andrew on it! LOL

After he walked across the stage and received his diploma, I got this sweet text from him, which totally melted my heart on the spot! 

Somehow we were the only family out of 300 go to the nearest Cracker Barrel when it was over!  (they were literally at Chili's) This was much to M's delight because they don't have CBs in CA. ; ) 

Then we rushed back to throw Andrew's grad party! Both events were just a few hours apart. What was I thinking? ; )  

Eating and game-playing happened. Then the  kids ended the evening playing guitar and singing worship songs, which was the perfect way to end such a special weekend! PTL!

I'm happy to say that I've now accomplished 19 years of homeschooling! Whoo-hoo!
And in August we will go away to a cute cabin in the GA mountains and celebrate that fact. 

But now, I need a nap! LOL


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