"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

November 7, 2016

The upcoming anniversary

My hubby went to be with the Lord, the week before Thanksgiving last year. And the kids and I are very aware of the upcoming anniversary.

I found what I think is the perfect gift to give each of our kids on that day. It is handwritten engraved jewelry. (thanks Etsy)
 -I'm not sure how many cards or letters they saved from their dad, but I'm guessing not too many, so I wanted them to have something he wrote to them in his handwriting to keep forever.

The three boys will have:

Love you,

(taken from a letter he wrote them)

And because Hubby and Joy were the biggest Lord of the Rings fans in the family and would say obscure quotes to one another and change those quotes to match different situations that were going on around them,
hers is going to say:

But it is not this day!

(and if you know the quote then you will know that it makes her smile and inspires her)
He wrote it in a note to all of them several years ago and I'm so glad I saved it.

I got myself something too, but it might turn out to be too painful to wear.

The kids know this is something I wanted to do and that they don't have to ever wear/use them. They can just save theirs in a drawer, if they want to.

The reactions to this idea have been mixed because everyone is processing differently.
One kiddo was happy and thanked me. One was a little indifferent because the thought of all of is was so heavy and painful. Another one loved the idea, and another one became sad and then mad.

Bless our hearts! Rough stuff!

If my hubby were here he would probably try to talk me out of this and remind me that he had messy handwriting
but we of course, don't care.  : )


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