"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 31, 2016

The week and the weekend

Wednesday, our church held their annual Fall Fest and I was given the choice of which carnival game to man and I quickly took an inventory of all the games and chose the one where I would clearly have to bend down the LEAST. LOL
Because this was not, by any means, my first Fall Fest, I have learned not to work a game that includes rings or basketballs that you will have to chase and bend down to retrieve at least 100 times or more in 3 hours. ; ) 
And this was by far the coolest game out there! Giant rubber frogs!

 And what little kid does not want the chance to smash something wth a mallet?!
 They hit the edge of the yellow board and that made the frog jump up and if it landed on the lily pad DOUBLE PRIZES! Fun stuff! -There were a few times the frogs got out and a couple when my fingers almost got the mallet but overall, great fun!

Zac and Tiffany moved in last month, to make it easier for Zac to finish school and we suceeded in combining two households in our little house. It has been fun to see them more, although we don't all get to see each other very often because we have different schedules.
But this Friday night, was actually one of the rare times this month when we found an evening when everyone was free so we met up at a restaurant and had a family dinner! Yay!
~Speaking of dinner, since I work full time, I think it is the most amazing accomplishment ever if I come home and actually cook.  And bless my heart, the only one left I really have left to cook for is SO picky. Let's just say there is a mighty big difference between what this one thinks of my cooking and what my hubby thought of it. ; )

Last night was the big EP release for the worship album that our church produced and that Andrew played the bass on. Such an exciting night! 

the band

And tonight my kids look like this:

And here's the grand-dog! LOL

Have a great week! 


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