"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 18, 2016

Happy happenings this week

I have to make this quick...

First of all, my sister texted that she is coming for Thanksgiving! And I am beyond excited about that! We can never get enough of Aunt Jenny!
Not only will we eat lots of yummy food, but we will binge watch the new episodes of Gilmore Girls together when they come out the very next day. Yay! How fun is that?!

Andrew's best friend is here from CA. We love J all to pieces!

One evening he and the kids had a meeting of The Whine and Cheese Club. LOL

They really did take turns whining. And there was sparkling cider, cheese plate
and cheese balls in a vase, to look fancy!!! They crack me up!

They took J to two concerts this weekend, LANY and Houndmouth. I don't know if Houndmouth is one word or two, but I have finally learned that it isn't Houndsmouth. ; ) 
 They also made sure to visit all the places he loves that were on his list.

It feels a tiny bit like fall here in Florida now. 
 This is my happy, little corner of the world, where I am enjoying my job.

Last year, our church recorded a live worship CD with 5 original songs! So exciting!
 It was during the crazy week that Hubby was in the hospital and we found out that the cancer had returned and we immediately had to send his brother back to CA because I couldn't care of them both. That Sunday, Andrew had the opportunity to play the bass for the recording! Which I completely forgot about, until recently when the tech guys at church played the title track for me so that I could hear him play! So fun! 
Well, all that to say that it comes out next week  and it is awesome! Can't wait!
 It will be on iTunes on October 30th and it is called Come As You Are. 
If you want a CD, because you are related to us,
 let me know. LOL ; )
(even if you aren't!) 


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