"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 6, 2016

Luke's and Matthew

 So, Hurricane Matthew is hitting Florida tonight.
Several people I know have opened up their homes to friends and relatives south of us who have had to evacuate.
We should be fine. But since we lost power during Hermine we went and got all the usual supplies last night. And today Zac and Andrew cut hundreds of pounds worth of branches off of our oak tree because they were too close to our house.
So grateful!
I will be perfectly happy to 'hunker down' and start Beth Moore's first novel (love her Bible studies!)
and crochet!

Wednesday was a really fun morning!
Netflix sponsored coffee shops across America to do a Gilmore Girls Day, to promote their upcoming continuation of the series. 🎉
Being a big fan, I had to find a coffee shop and go! (even though I don't like coffee!)

The place we went to had underestimated the number of fans and only had two people working there! My goodness, the wait! 
But it was fun to sit at the counter, while girls who were dressed like Luke, made really good coffee! 
Almost as fun as being in Stars Hollow!


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