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October 25, 2016

Pumpkins and more pumpkins

Recently, I have learned how much air to put in my car's tires, 
 and how to change the string on the weed-eater 
and yesterday I learned how to use a drill! Whoo-hoo!
Don't get me wrong, I didn't do any home improvements with that drill. I just used it to 'carve' a pumpkin, which is all the rage on Pinterest! ; )

There's a cute pumpkin patch at an old church near our house, which had me thinking about the time we went to one in San Diego when Joy was almost one. Here she is picking out a pumpkin 19 years ago!

Soo cute! And here she is picking one out yesterday! Time flies!

Before we arrived, we realized that we matched! So, here we are twinning in the pumpkin patch!

We planned to buy several pumpkins there until we found out that they cost 

So then we headed to our neighborhood Publix, which was lacking in all the previous charm, 
and bought pumpkins that were five dollars each! : ) 

Then we made a great pumpkin mess all over the kitchen table 

and what came out of it were these amazing creations:

And here is the one that I spent two hours drilling holes in! For some reason it seems to defy illumination! I guess my holes aren't big enough?! : (

Next year I am totally going back to two triangles for eyes and a mouth! LOL

Happy Fall!

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