"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 11, 2016

Last week's fun

Zac and Tiffany hosted a party here on the fourth of July.
Which means the food was awesome, the decorations were adorable and there were some crazy, fun games played. 
And our house was full of people we love!

Joy's face when she finds out that she has to eat a
sardine during Fear Pong

 Then we viewed fireworks displays from all directions on top of the airport parking garage.

I got to represent one of my favorite  curriculums at a two-day homeschool conference this week.

Every year there are always some sweet moms who come to the booth who want to express their gratitude to the company for how much Teaching Textbooks helped their child. ~And I rejoice right along with them because it was a God-send to my gang as well! 

On Saturday, Andrew and his friend decided to take part in an open mic night at a coffee shop near our church. How awesome are they?!

It was a great experience and they did an awesome job. Such a fun atmosphere! 

I decided not to be THAT mom who got right up in the front and filmed,
so my videos have the background noise of people chatting and playing games at nearby tables. 
But I think I will be THAT mom next time! ; ) 

So proud of them!


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