"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 8, 2016

Fun finds

My kids have been telling me that I need to clean out the files on my computer and today I did a little bit of that but it will take a sweet forever. There were all the things I knew I would find, like lots of schoolwork, some proposals Hubby did for work, and lots of Bible studies he wrote for his Sunday school class.

And there were some really sweet things his.

~There was the very detailed plan he made of how our kids would lead our family devotions so that one day they could "lead Bible studies for their future families." Sometimes a plan and reality are twi  different things. His plan had meant for them to put some preparation and study and into their talks, which I'm pretty sure never actually happened. They ended up choosing their verse or doctrinal topic from the list and ran with it on the fly. LOL But I think they all have good impromptu speaking skills now. ; )

I found a journal that he kept for a very short time in 2010.
It contained things like how glad he was that Zac didn't give him any trouble during family band practice that week LOL
and how proud he was of Andrew's guitar playing!
He said he was proud of Nathan's willingness to film a funeral and for his thoughts on how it should be done.
My favorite: He said one of the greatest things was how much he and his sons laughed when they hung out together. (so sweet)

I found the list of accountability questions he kept with him and had his accountability partner ask him once a week. He was always such a man of integrity.

There was a sweet letter he wrote to Joy, which she plans to frame. In one part he said "I hope this letter finds you basking in the love of the Lord. He is completely trustworthy and faithful. I pray daily for him to show you His faithfulness. He has and He will." (so beautiful!)

And there was a rather lengthy list of punishments he typed up for a-certain-somebody, who will remain nameless, that got a big kick out of this find.

So, I'm thankful for those files, for the life I had with that amazing guy and the great dad he was!


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