"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 20, 2016

When Bible geeks break up

When my hubby and I were dating, he felt the Lord call him to move 3000 miles away to help start a church. And breaking up with me was apart of that plan. (boo-hoo!)
We decided that our break up needed what I can only describe as a theme verse! -Weren't we cute? Who picks a theme for a break up? ; )
We chose Joshua 22:34
"A witness between us that the Lord is God."  
We chose it because it would remind us that even though things had not turned out the way we had hoped, we were first and foremost committed to doing the Lord's will in our lives...because He is God. 

That fateful night we cried so much that the inside of my car was completely covered in moist tissues! At some  point during the sobbing, we exchanged gifts!
 These gifts included our theme verse! ;)
I bought him a rather large pewter heart to hang on the wall with the verse engraved on it. -That may not have been well thought out on part. LOL Thinking back, I'm wondering what bachelor wants to have a heart hanging on his bedroom wall? (I know my boys wouldn't in a million years!) ; )

His gift to me was this lovely locket!

It has the verse printed in tiny type on parchment paper inside. -He had the only friend we knew in the world who owned a computer back then (!) type it out in a tiny font. : )

Obviously, that trial had a happy ending and we eventually got married!

I haven't worn that locket in awhile, but it hit me the other day, how appropriate our theme still is! Even now, when things have not turned out the way we'd hoped, and whether they ever make sense or not, the Lord is God!
That was and always will be our "theme."


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