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October 13, 2014

Weekend fun

A dear woman at our church wanted to bless a couple with a date night and she thought of us!
 -And what a date night! 
She gave us a nights stay at the Hilton and tickets to the Bucs vs Ravens game!
She barely knows my hubby, but she couldn't have given him a gift he would have liked more, unless it included the Bucs winning! ; )

This week has been a game changer as far as his energy level goes. So, it was awesome that the game fell on this weekend because Hubby had just enough energy to pull it off. It was a great 'last hurrah' until this trial is behind us. 

We were staying a mile and a half from the stadium and he was really wishing he could walk that far but we took a taxi, which was cheaper than paying to park anyway. We just made it to our seats before he started feeling a little shaky, so it is a good thing we didn't try walking in the 90 degree weather. We got our socks blessed off when we found out that our seats were in the SHADE!!! Hooray!

Watching these paratroopers fly into the stadium was such a treat.

We ended up leaving the game early but it wasn't because Hubby wasn't feeling well. It was because the Bucs were down 35 points in the first inning, I mean quarter, and he couldn't stand the misery. ; )

I apparently committed 3 fouls on game day:

1. I asked if I should bring some cooking magazines to the game in case I got bored 

2. I clapped for the Ravens when they were introduced. He said 'Stop clapping' and I said "Isn't it polite?" 

3. During the cheering, the score board said 'Tampa' with an arrow to our side of the stadium and then 'Bay' with an arrow pointing to the opposite side. I didn't get the whole arrow thing and may have been the only one our side of the stadium to yell 'Bay.' ; )

Did I mention this was my first professional football game? 

We had a great time and then he watched the rest of the game from home.... in the A/C.
Not sure how the game ended since I may have been looking at cooking magazines. ; )


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