"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 12, 2014

A close up view

 We had some cute visitors with us at chemo and radiation on Friday! 

These sweet kids wanted to "support Dad and understand what he's going through."

Joy got a kick out of how ironic this Halloween decoration in radiation is:

It was a long wait but we had fun. 

The techs were glad that we brought the kids and explained the entire process to them in detail until it was time to shoot the radiation. 
The homeschool-mom in me realized right then, that it was a cancer hospital field trip! Whoo-hoo! : )

Joy said it was too overwhelming to take in all of what they were saying. I couldn't have done it and I didn't try. This was my second time seeing it all and I was still overwhelmed. 
 The immensity of the situation and of the radiation machine itself, is hard to take in. 
One of the nurses, who checks in patients everyday, has actually never seen the machine and never wants to. I found that surprising. 

Even if she did see it, it has to be different seeing someone you dearly love under it.
That's the overwhelming part, if you ask me!

Next, we headed to chemo, where the nurses unplugged Hubby's chemo bag from his port. We love when that happens! He always feels the best when he isn't wearing it. There isn't much room in infusion so the kids had to stay in the lobby for that part. They didn't mind since they could have unlimited grape juice and coffee. LOL
There weren't many people waiting for chemo that day, so they didn't witness the sadness that I sometimes do when I'm there.
 Joy found a necklace she liked in the gift shop and then we headed out. Boy, do we love the valet parking now that Hubby is so low on energy!

Thankful for these two, who wanted a close up view.
Always blessed by all four!


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