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October 3, 2014

Let the bells ring

 Monday, we were at the infusion center to have the chemo bag reattached to my hubby and the lobby was full of people waiting for chemo.
And honestly, some were hard to look at because they are having a rough go of it. Bless their hearts. So sad!
Then we heard a bell ring and everyone around started clapping.
We were the confused newbies who didn't know what was happening.
We found out that they ring a bell and clap when someone receives their last chemo treatment.
Isn't that the best!?
It was SO sweet!
I can't wait to hear the bell ring on Oct. 31st!

Since then, I've noticed a bell in the lobby of radiation too.
So, maybe there will two bells ringing that day! : )

In the meantime, the doctor called Hubby 'the chemo poster child,' so it is going well and so many prayers are being answered. PTL!


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