"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 2, 2014

Girls' Night Out...with the Hubby

I mentioned recently here, that we have been Compassion sponsors for a long time.We love Compassion and believe in the integrity of their ministry. We've had  three children at different times. Two of them disappeared due to the unrest in their countries, which was so sad. Our present 'child' is from Nicaragua and she is 16 and we've had her since she was in preschool!  So, when Compassion contacted us to help represent them at a Chonda Pierce concert in our area, we said YES!

We knew that Chonda Pierce is a Christian comedian but we've never been to one of her shows before. In fact, we were so focused on Compassion being the reason we were going that we didn't really give any thought to the show because we were just there to work at their table in the lobby. As it turned out, we were able to sit in on the show until the intermission.

And that, my Friends, is how it came about that Hubby ended up being at event that was called
  Girl TALK! 

Bless his heart!
We didn't actually know the name of the event so, he started getting nervous when we pulled up and saw 200 women in line and not one single MAN. Not one.
In fact, he got so flustered he left the Prius on when we got out of the car. And now we know for sure that we can leave it on for 4 and half hours with the lights on WITHOUT the battery dying! LOL!

As we were waiting to enter the building, I was standing behind a woman who was obviously wearing her pajamas and I got a little concerned about her mental state.Then while standing at the Compassion table we kept seeing more and more women in their PJs and realized it was a thing!
It was definitely a Girl's night out and that is how my Hubby ended up in a church with 2400 women listening to jokes about lipo, menopause and Spanx! (he leaned over at one point and told me I would have to explain "Spanx" to him later) ; )
 Poor guy! I felt desperately sorry for him! We did actually see another man in the audience and he was actually came in his PJs too. Not sure what to think about his mental state. LOL

While we were learning the ropes at the Compassion table, we were asked several times how long we have been sponsors. This made us feel very old and very young all at the same time!!! We said we became sponsors after the birth of our first baby and they asked us how old our baby is now and we said 21! They didn't think we looked old enough to have a 21 year old, but of course we are... So, that was fun!
But helping 117 children from all over the world receive sponsors that night, was the best fun of all! : )


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