"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

October 8, 2013

Our week in pictures

Our kids haven't been big fans of home school field trips because they are sure they have literally been there and done them all, so we usually don't attend them. But since our two youngest are in high school, I don't have too many more homeschooling memories left to make, (boo-hoo) so I made them go on one, mean homeschool mom that I am. ; ) 
Besides who would not want to spend a gorgeous fall morning here

 geo-caching at a nature preserve in all this beauty?!

They have gone letter boxing (or were made to -LOL) but had never tried geo-caching before. They really enjoyed it, except for that part where the 3rd graders found the caches before they did...

Oh, and that part where the instructor had them grab some Spanish moss off a tree and eat it.
I'll pass, thanks!
Learning to use the GPS
the race to search for the caches
discussing the clues
a cute distraction
Friday night we played more of this...

and Saturday night, Hubby and I went for our last beach date of the year. 

The water won't be wonderfully warm again until around Mother's Day.  I'll miss you 'beach therapy!' 

Sunday, Joy sang in the new choir! Watching her sing her heart out in 'Christ is Enough' made both Hubby and I get all choked up.  

We also got all choked up at Home Depot the day before in the plumbing aisle. How weird is that!? But Coldplay came on the radio and it made us miss Nathan who used to play and sing that song on his keyboard. I was kind of a wreck and it probably looked like I thought we'd never get our plumbing fixed. LOL!


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