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October 15, 2013

A bachelor party in the works

My hubby is going to be the best man in his best friend's wedding in a couple weeks,
which means that he is giving a bachelor party!
And since he asked for my help, I've been googling various things like 'how to throw a christian bachelor party' because I'm rather clueless about how to do one.

My hubby's bachelor party was simple. It was a surprise party at a pizza place.
 All the guys from church were there and they ate pizza and made him wear one of these:

And by the looks of the pictures,
either Hawaiian shirts were totally the in thing to wear in 1991 or the guys were all told to dress in something Hawaiian. Your guess is a good as mine! : )

Here were some of the suggestions I found:

The most popular idea is to take the groom golfing
Second most popular idea is to have a bowling party

And then there are these ideas:

Mini-golf and then eat at TGIF
Laser tag
Food and football
Play Wii games and then watch 'guy' movies
Go to an arcade
Pigeon shooting (I'm guessing those must be the clay circles and not annoying birds) ; )

These can also include a time to swap stories about the groom and a time for the married men to give the groom some advice on the most important thing they've learned as a husband. These can be written down on 3x5 cards and placed in a book for him to keep. You can also have a time to pray and bless the groom, which I thought was a sweet idea.

Be sure to ask your groom what he would enjoy the most, unless of course, it is a surprise party
and then I guess you just need a Groucho Marx mask and some tacky Hawaiian shirts. ; )



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