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June 12, 2013

Wednesdays in the Word

Our Limitless God from Numbers 11:

Bless Moses' heart! The whole tribe of Israel started craving meat to eat because manna wasn't good enough for some reason even though "Human beings ate the bread of angels; He sent them all the food they could eat." Ps. 78:5  Actually, craving it might even be an understatement because they all started weeping about it. Pretty sure I've never craved anything enough to cry even when I was pregnant. Although I did cry when the fryer was broken and I couldn't buy Checkers fries when I was 9 months pregnant, so maybe that does count. Anyway, poor Moses. He said "for they weep all over me." Good grief.
Then God says that He will give them meat "until it comes out of your nostrils and becomes loathsome to you" and that He will give it to them for a not a day or a week but a whole month!

Here's the part that makes me smile.
Moses points out to the CREATOR of the Universe,
that there are A LOT of people to feed. "The people...are six hundred thousand men on foot, yet you have said 'I will give you meat, that they may eat for a whole month." Or in other words, 'Are you crazy?!' ; )
Then Moses goes further and lets the Creator of the Universe know that this could be really hard to pull off because it really is A LOT of meat we're talking about! He wants to know if God plans to kill herds of sheep "Or shall all the fish of the sea be gather up together to provide for them?" Now he's trying to help HIM figure out how to do what He said.

Here's where Moses and I have a couple things in common.
I know I've tried to tell God how to do things.
I know I've tried to tell Him what He's promised sounds too hard for Him to really do.
I know I've said "are you crazy?" at times to the things He wants me to do.

Moses must've thought he had God's back. I'm guessing the parting of the Red Sea has slipped everyone's minds... I'm pretty sure the CREATOR of the Universe didn't need Moses' help to keep His word and He doesn't even need mine. : )
I love God's response! Literally in Hebrew, it reads 

"Is the Lord's power limited?" 
I think that is a good question to ask ourselves from time to time.
"Is the Lord's power limited?"

Then He says "Now you will see whether what I say will happen or not."
(or 'look out, here comes the meat-fest!')

-Do we really believe that what God says will come to pass in every situation and that He is not in any way limited? And that He has EVERYTHING under control? 
I don't always, but I want to!
We serve a limitless, promise-keeping God!

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