"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 20, 2013

Summer so far:

Segway riding and a tour of St. Pete!
(rescheduled from Spring Break)
Sooo much fun!!

Our Girl, fixed up her Toms to hide the hole in the toe! She's so talented. Love what she did with them.

She's also been gardening. 
but isn't a fan of radishes
We received our end of the year testing results back and were so very pleased! Hooray!

We've been dog sitting for a puppy for a week! Exhausting! 

Thankfully, once in awhile she was exhausted too.

We've been playing this for the past 3 days whenever we get a chance! 

We just got one kid back and two more are leaving! (Oh, the laundry!)
Nathan, who went to CA for a week, is back!
 Instead of 8 hours worth of travel time, it took them 29 hrs. (flying stand by) I'm pretty sure he might sleep today away.

Tonight, our youngest two are heading off to youth camp!!!
What will I do with myself for 4 days?!

Hope you are enjoying a happy Summer!

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