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June 4, 2013

I think we are officially done celebrating!

Wow. Sooo many graduations and celebrations.

We attended two public high school graduations on Saturday and Sunday. (and let's just say, it is a good thing that they don't tell you what each graduate accomplished in high school and what they plan to do next, like ours does, or you'd never get to leave) : )

We worked hard last week making a video of pictures of Nathan's life for the double graduation party that my best friend and I gave Nathan and her daughter. (his girlfriend)
My friend made her daughter's video and it was a beautiful surprise for her at the party. Nathan is the techie one of our family and so he had to help me, I mean, make the video himself. LOL
I did scan the photos though and helped by arguing with him about what song to put the video to. -I know he was really glad to have me around. ; ) Anyway, after me stressing over it all week, Nathan did a beautiful job and used a perfect song that made me cry!
 (Grandparents, remind me to send you a link so that you can watch it!) : )
In the midst of fighting over the music, putting together this awesome keepsake, I kept thinking that if these two end up marrying each other, we have videos ready to show at the wedding reception and so we are ahead of the game, right?

We had the graduation party on Sunday night and it was a blast. There were over 50 sweet kids from the youth group there, along with some parents. We showed the videos and fellow-shipped over lots of food. Thankfully, the rain stayed away and the kids swam in the pool and and then played on a homemade slip and slide covered with baby oil and bubble bath. It was a crazy, fun time.

Last night we attended the last of all the graduation/celebrations, which was the advancement ceremony that our home school group gives every year. It was fun to celebrate the achievements of all our kids together with people we've been on this journey with for such a long time. One of the other moms who has a senior, was saying that she believes this ceremony "is important because it gives hope to the younger homeschooling parents and lets them know that if we can do it and not kill our kids in the process they can too." ; ) Amen, Sister!
Andrew completed 8th grade
Joy completed 10th
Nathan and the other seniors
NOW, it is finally starting to feel like summer vacation around here. Hooray!
 So, I have some kids to try and beat at Spiderman Monopoly while watching Spiderman 3.
-Pretty sure they will be better at that kind of multi-tasking!

Hope your summer has started too!


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