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December 5, 2011

Holiday yumminess

Have you tried the Cranberry Bliss bars at Starbucks?

They are divine!
Thanks to Zac, we get to try some yummy things of theirs for free.
Anyway, I saw this recipe on how to make them yourself, and I had to try it. Go here.
They were a big hit even though I somehow forgot the TWO sticks of butter that belonged in them in the microwave. LOL
Andrew's buddy Joel, tasted one and called me a "Culinary Goddess." -Love that kid! ha ha : )

So, give them a try and remember the butter. Or don't. ; )
Or buy them already made at Starbucks on Dec 6th when they are 50% off!
(they are having twelve days of sales) Go here to see if there is a store participating near you.

No, this isn't a paid add, just sharing the love or the calories, however you want to look at it! ; )


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