"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

December 12, 2011

The best day

My hubby gets his birthday off each year and for the past several years we've been blessed with free Disney tickets, to use on that day! Tons of fun!
This year we used those tickets before my brother-in-law came to live with us since he wouldn't really be able to go to a theme park and we couldn't leave him alone all day and be that far from home.

Anyway....The new plan for the hubby's birthday, was for me to steal him away for the WHOLE day to do things he would enjoy! We had a blast and he loved it! We spent time in the stores he likes, like Guitar Center and the pro football shop at the mall. We went amp shopping and I got a lesson in all things guitar and amp related. ; )

We also went out to lunch and then to the movies to see Courageous. We were probably the last people on the planet who hadn't seen it yet. : ) Absolutely amazing!!!!! I cried all through it. And you know it is a good movie, when you enjoy it even though the words aren't matching the actors' lips and there is a power outage that stops the movie in the middle of it for 20 minutes and you aren't mad and trying to get your money back. lol It was THAT good!
We went out to dinner after that. (Thanks Carlos!) And we had our own chance to be 'courageous' when we were seated at a table next to a poster of a woman that was ...well, not good for any guy to be looking at. We asked our waiter to move us and told him why. Can't say we've ever had that experience before. I hope the restaurant gets more complaints and takes it down, for goodness sake...
Anyway, then we headed home to celebrate with cake and our kiddos and Phil.

My sweet man loved his day and assured me that if it were my birthday, he didn't think he could handle going in all my favorite stores and listening to me talk about something like shoes for an hour or more. LOL! I got a kick out of that. So, glad he enjoyed it! He's so much fun to be with, I'm sure I had as much fun as he did and I'm looking forward to next year.


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