"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 21, 2010

This Weekend, I...

-Finished my term as the president and treasurer of our home school group and had fun passing out the yearbooks

-Got my first lesson on couponing and how to use thegrocerygame.com. Hoping to become a coupon queen and save gobs of money

-Started watching LOST for the first time by streaming season 1 on Net flix (you don't want to know what episode we are on already because it is scary)

-Helped one of my boys get all packed for a youth camp that he's going to in TX with my best friend's family. Managed to get all his things in a carry-on and avoid the $25 luggage fee. yay!

-Made our favorite meal, fettuccine alfredo with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes and had our boys best friends over for dinner and to spend the night

-Said 'good-bye' and prayed for Nate as we all headed off to church while he and Dad headed to the airport

-Heard an awesome sermon on the sovereignty of God which HELPED SO MUCH when I thought about Nathan flying alone and then when a delay and a gate change made him miss his connecting flight and left him sitting in Memphis alone for 7 hrs!

-Took my wonderful hubby out for Chinese food for Father's Day and realized we don't have a single kiddo who can get the "Age 10 and under" price anymore. Boo-hoo! ; )

-Watched more LOST and talked to a bored and sad sounding Nathan as he sat in Memphis forever and a day.

-Talked to my sweet Dad on the phone and got excited about our trip to CA in August!

-Watched more LOST and worried about Nathan

-Got a call from a VERY HAPPY Nathan at 11:00 PM who was safe and sound in TX with our wonderful friends! He said the trip got even more exciting when he was flying through a storm and felt like he was apart of the movie "The Day after Tomorrow."

-Told the rest of our kids that they are never flying anywhere alone (LOL!) and I went to bed, greatly relieved!

The End! : )



Becky said...

Oh, my! Stress stress stress. There is nothing worse than being a mama who cannot do a thing to help. Ugh.

Glad it all worked out. And I know exactly what you mean by the LOST thing. We've done that ourselves. It's embarrassing.

Have a great week. And you are NOT too wordy :)

Lady Farmer said...

Oh, so hard to send our children off on their own ~ especially so far away! I am such a 'controller' and tho' it is still hard, knowing He is The Blessed Controller of all things helps.
My youngest daughter left home at 17 to go to college in Alaska! The hardest thing I have ever done! She's worked in Denali Nt. Prk. studying Grizzly bear, worked in Glacier (more bears), been to Cameroon, Africa,(no bears, but some not too nice circumstances there). She'll be 30 this fall, married, still going to college. Working on her Ph.D. And now she has bought a harley motorcycle! What's a mom to do? Pray!Lots!

I hope you have your fettuccine alfredo with chicken and sun dried tomatoes recipe posted! I would love to try that one! ;~P


Beth Zimmerman said...

LOL! My, now 20 year old, son started going on International Mission Trips when he was about 14 and they don't always get to call when they arrive. It's taught me more than I thought I was capable of learning about trusting the Lord with my precious child!

Hope Nathan has a wonderful time and an uneventful trip home!

I love LOST. Watched most of it online, while bored at work. I need to watch the last 4 or 5 episodes one of these days!

Deb said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Glad your boy is okay. I watched Lost on regular tv and never missed one episode. You are in for a treat!