"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 10, 2010

New season of ministry

Well, it is the end of an era around here.

Last night by hubby taught his last Royal Ranger class! It is still hard to believe because he's been doing it for SO long.
He's been teaching the kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade boys every Wednesday night for the past 7 years! And on the Judgement Day, I'm pretty sure he's going to get bonus points or extra credit! -Oh, I kid, but trust me, that is not an easy class to teach and I know, because I did it with him for 3 of those years. ; )

But he's got a gift!
Just last week he was telling me his ingenious idea to teach the lesson on 'the pearl of great price' by describing it as a rare, tie dye, dragon Silly Band... He had every boys' complete attention. LOL (if Silly Bandz are the latest craze where you live, then you will totally get that analogy) ; )

I can't even count how many moms have told me how wonderful he is with the boys. I remember one of the helpers in the class saying "I tell people that your husband is the Boy Whisperer! There is something about his voice and the way he talks to the boys...It makes them want to obey him and he is the only one they will listen to." Isn't that sweet?

He won't be 'warming a purple padded chair' (as we say at our church) on Wednesdays now, though. He's coming to help out in the youth ministry where I am serving and where our boys are. Yay! We are all excited about that. My hubby loves ministering to teens. (he led a youth group for 6 years when our kiddos were little) Our boys play in the worship band and they are very happy about this change. Nathan has been quoting this line from one of the Lord of the Rings movies to him all week: "Put aside the Ranger and become who you were born to be." Funny how that line seems to fit the direction we feel led to go in now.

-Unfortunately, I missed seeing his whole class mob him with a group hug last night but here's an old picture of him teaching. I can tell you the red shirt and the vest, will not be one of the things he misses.



Janet said...

Oh how sweet sweet sweet!

I remember when we had our last AWANA. I think I cried. It was VERY hard watching everyone do their last "thing".

Bless your hubs!

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Jamie said...

He is DEFINITELY the "boy whisperer"!! Funny in class too!! I worked for a year b/c that is all I could handle!! LOL!! Blessings on his new era of ministry!!