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June 20, 2010

The 'devil' vs 'the tank'

It has arrived and I'm so excited!
This is my first new vacuum!

This is what I have been using.We bought our Tri-Star used years ago.

(I can't believe the price of a new one! More than my first car!) : )

The repairman told me that they were made after the war by engineers who had nothing to do. See, calling it a 'tank' really does fit! : )

CSN Stores has given me this fun opportunity to do a product review and here are my thoughts:

The Dirt Devil is LIGHT weight, unlike 'my tank.' It's suction ability is actually better. (probably due to its age since it wasn't new when I got it)
My favorite part is that I can do our hard wood floors without having to change to another attachment. Yippee! It is also bag less! No touching all that dusty mess to pull out the bags! This one has button you push on the dust canister that opens up automatically and all the dust and debris fall right in to your trash can! Too cool!

So, happy vacuuming to me and "thank you" CSN Stores! Check them out! They have everything from vacuums to sofas!


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