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February 27, 2010

What I ate and wish I didn't

Our home school group had a fun event yesterday.
We called it Road Trip USA.
Each child studied a state, made a presentation board and had the chance to tell the group all about what they had learned. We also had everyone bring a small 'souvenir' from their state to share with the group.
Joy and Andrew studied WI and gave out cheese cubes. : ) Arizona's tumble weed cookies rocked and I'm glad they shared the recipe! Hawaii gave out pineapple juice. North Carolina brought pickles. Washington DC passed out pennies.

I had a fun chat with the girl who studied New York. She had a plate with an apple, a potato, and a sub sandwich made out of Sculpy Clay in front of her display board. When I asked her what the little yellow things were on the plate, she said "chips."
So, I thought those were the 'souvenir'
and I popped one in my mouth....
But NOT before she said:

"It's play dough!!!"

-In hind's sight, I really think the sub sandwich out of clay should have tipped me off! ; )

As I was frantically cleaning out my mouth, I could just picture her running to her mom and saying "Ms. Becky ate my play dough!!!" : )

During her presentation, the MC joked about taking a bite of her clay sub sandwich and THAT had me fervently praying that she would somehow refrain from mentioning that the lady in charge really did eat one of her 'chips.'
(but God was faithful!) LOL

Come to find out she owns:

Which includes"A Chip Maker Super Tool"
and I happen to think they look pretty realistic. ; )


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Becky said...

Oh my goodness! That is so funny! Well, at least we know they are very realistic looking.