"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 19, 2009

The weekend

My frozen camper made it back safe and OK. Yay! No frostbite! He was very glad to get home to his bed! He had a wonderful time. He was given some really cool gear from a dear friend.

Joy and Andrew had their Junior Bible Quiz match this weekend and Nathan gave assistant coaching a try instead of officiating. He enjoyed it. He loves Andrew's coach. (he was his JBQ coach also)

Our Hats of Hope group had our first meeting after church on Sunday!!!! I was so excited! The Lord sent the sweetest bunch of ladies and girls to be apart of it. I felt so blessed. It was really fun. I am so thrilled about God taking a hobby and giving it a Kingdom purpose! (We are knitting hats for missionaries to pass out to adults and children in need in cold regions of the world)
We'll be knitting, chatting, snacking and praying together for the next couple of months and I'm so excited! (Next time I will remember to bring my camera!)

We just found out that we'll be taking a little vacation soon. My father-in-law had to cancel his trip to come and see us at Thanksgiving due to a fall that he took. His wife has just spent some time in the hospital and so they are unable to travel. He called over the weekend to let us know he transferred their time-share week to us. The kids are really excited.
Unfortunately, my hubby can't go. We are thankful that he even has work as things are very slow for the company he works for right now. Andrew was upset when he found this out. He said "But, he's the one who makes everything FUN and HAPPY!" I got such a kick out of that. Dad is WAY more fun than I am! And now, if he wants to know if Dad is coming somewhere with us, he asks "Is it going to be fun and happy?" ; )



Susan said...

What is it with all the dad's getting to be the fun one's with the kids. I guess they only distribute the fun gene to the men.

Glad to hear that your guy made it back with no frostbite in that 32 degree weather.LOL

Sniz said...

That is such a blessing when a hobby becomes a Kingdom thing! I am SO excited for you. And where do you get to go on vacation?

Jamie said...

Dads always get to be the "fun & happy" ones while moms have to be the army sergeant to make things run smoothly . . . . Glad your camper didn't freeze to death!! LOL