"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 16, 2009

Going back in time

It is the annual weekend for the Frontier Camping Fellowship to go camping.
My hubby and Zach worked really hard and became members two years ago and they have really enjoyed it. Men and boys from Royal Rangers camp in the 1800's style. It's like going to a historical reenactment. Everything they use and wear has to be 'period appropriate.'

They love it. The first year they went they came home and summed it up as 'all eating and competing.' (what guy wouldn't like that?) : ) They always have an awesome time with some godly men and come home spiritually encouraged.

Zach was voted to be the 'scribe' this year by the men of the group. I don't what that involves but it was an honor and he has certain duties to perform this year.

We decided against my hubby going this year because of his back and his allergies...

Personally, this event gives me stress. It's always so cold this time of year. Cold as in 32 degrees at night and 60 in the day. I was worried about Zach getting frostbit and my hubby laughed. I guess that isn't possible...but what do I know? I was raised in southern California! -Someone showed me an ice scraper the other day and I didn't even know what it was! I always fuss about how he needs to bring more blankets. We compromise and he brings a sleeping bag even though it isn't 'period appropriate.' He also brings a bunch of wool blankets but never the quilt that I try and talk him into taking. : )

Anyway, we've been all a flutter around here getting Zach ready to go.
This always leads to some kind of project. One year, we made char cloth in our chimneia and another year, we worked on a cape for his outfit. (I don't think I'm suppose to call it an outfit but I can't think of the word) ; )
Another year, I helped him with a wooden cot he was building. This year, I spent the day ferociously knitting to get a 'period appropriate' looking hat finished in time. It's fun to help him get ready.

These weekends give me plenty to pray about since the competitions are knife throwing and tomahawk throwing and black powder rifle shooting!
This year, thanks to Uncle Phil, Zach has his own black powder rifle to shoot and he's excited. Thankfully we found his NRA certificate just in time or he wouldn't have been able to shoot.

So, here's praying he's safe, warm and having lots of fun!

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Jamie said...

hope he has fun!!! I don't think he could get frostbite either, but he she could freeze out there!!!