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November 27, 2008


One of our kiddos asked
"Mom, are you going to laminate the turkey before you cook it?" : )
~Something like that but not exactly! LOL : )

I brined it before I cooked it.
Thanks to the help of The Pioneer Woman and her brining directions and these spices from Williams Somona
the brining worked. It was one moist and flavorful turkey. A bit hit.

Our tradition is to invite bachelors over for Thanksgiving dinner since all our family members are so far away.
One of our guests was terribly disappointed that I didn't serve a pumpkin pie. He teased me all day and night about it...(but my hubby isn't a fan of pumpkin pie so I just left it off my list of things to make this year) See if I ever do that again!
By the end of the evening, I told him, that if I HAD a pumpkin pie, I would be ready
to throw it at him! : )
(he's like family, so I can say that!)

Anyway, we had lots of fun!
Our English guest brought Christmas pudding which was very interesting to try.
My hubby and I played a serious game of Wii tennis and I actually won. Miracle!

All the food turned out well. Hooray!
Cooking a turkey and 6 side dishes and having them all done at the exact same time on Thanksgiving day is like a science isn't it?! Gracious! It's a science I'm always trying to perfect.
When I pulled out my holiday recipes this year, I found a note written to myself that said Thanksgiving '08 and it had everything on it that I was suppose to cook
and what day and time I was suppose to cook it. It was too funny. I was thrilled. I labeled that note Thanksgiving '09 and I'm going to do it all again... Except I'll add a PUMPKIN PIE! : )

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Toni said...

Laminate it. ROFL!