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November 1, 2008

Do a "small something!"

This sign is VERY disturbing and misleading and unfortunately there are a bunch of them in my neighborhood.

This might sound crazy but I had this very vivid dream the other night.
Maybe it was because I am a home school mom studying the Declaration of Independence with my kids...but (I kid you not!) I dreamt that one of our nation's Founding Father's saw what was going on in America today and he had something profound to say about it! What he said really touched my heart. Weird, huh?
I woke up knowing that I had to find a way to get involved in Amendment 2, even though I didn't have a CLUE what amendment 2 was even about and had only seen all those "hurting Florida's Families" signs in my neighborhood...
Well, I know what it's all about now!
And I'm glad I had that dream.
Amendment 2 makes marriage between a man and woman part of our constitution so that it can never be overturned by a liberal judge.

That is all it does.
The other side is telling people that a "YES" vote on this amendment will take away "health care insurance, hospital visitation, and medical decision making from all unmarried couples. It will permanently ban civil unions and dismantle domestic partner benefits that seniors, teachers, police officers and firefighters rely on." (hence the "hurting families")

That is NOT true.
Their claims are scare tactics.

On November 4th you can decide what you think will 'hurt Florida's families.'
I am voting YES! Yes to Marriage being between a man and woman.

If you don't live in Florida, and the definition of marriage is hanging in the balance in your state, be sure to vote and you can still find a way to get involved because doing something on Nov. 4th is not too late.
I've never been involved in an election in any way before other than the casting of my vote, but we are going to do a "small something" for this election.
My kiddos and I are going to place "Yes on 2" signs at voting sites. It will be easy! It's just one way to help although I think it's going to take some donut-bribery to get them up early enough to place signs around town by 7:00 AM. ; )
I want to be able to look back and remember that if "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is good men to do nothing" (Edward Burke) then at least I did a very "small something."
That's a privilege we can thank the Founding Father's for.


Toni said...

Yay! You go, Becky and family.

RightDemocrat said...

I agree. The TV ads that claim that unmarried couples will be denied hospital visitation if Amendment 2 is passed are deceptive. Florida Statutes 765.202allows anyone to designate a health care surrogate.

The real issue is the definition of marriage. The opponents of Amendment 2 know that if the voters are focused on the definition of marriage they will lose.

This is not a Democratic or Republican issue or even a liberal or conservative issue. The vast majority of Floridians support the traditional definition of marriage and will support Amendment 2 if not confused by side issues that have no relationship to reality.

Vote yes on Amendment 2 !

Jamie said...

WOW Becky! How cool! I am gonna put a link on my blog to this post b/c this is good stuff!! YOu guys are making a difference!
-at the library

Susan said...

That is so awesome and a wonderful way to be involved. I think donuts will work.