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March 27, 2008

A quilt fight

It's pretty embarrassing how long it is taking me to make this quilt.

The two of us had a falling out a couple months ago and we haven't been on sewing terms ever since. : )

But, I'm happy to say that I have forgiven it for making me rip out a gazillion stitches and we are best buddies once again.
We even watched Idol together the other night.

So, at this rate, I might actually finish it one of these days.

And when I do, I think my family and our favorite bachelor will be in shock.
Because this is the same one that I was talking about last summer. That I was suppose to have done by the New Year's um, before, actually.

Yes, I'm one speedy quilter! ; )


Jamie said...

Wow Becky, You are one talented chick!! Who cares how long it takes!! You did a great job!! My mom quilts ALOT!! It takes her a long time too!! There have been many times that she has said "Your quilt is coming . . . " And then it may or may not get there on time for the b-day/christmas, etc!! Great hobby!

Becky said...

It sometimes takes me a very long time to do quilted projects that are much smaller than that. Persevere!!!!

Susan said...

Hey at least you are working on getting it done. I wouldn't even be brave enough to start a project like this.

Sniz said...

Aww! I've never made a quilt, so this is much more than the majority of people could claim! It's beautiful!

Yvonne said...

Becky...it's beautiful! Just beautiful!