"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 3, 2008

Our funny kiddos

My sweet mother-in-law was always encouraging me to write down all the cute little things the kiddos were saying and doing when they were little.
And most of the time, I didn't have time to. We affectionately refer to those days as "one big blurr!" But we enjoyed every minute!

So, my mom-in-law started jotting down this stories when we talked on the phone. (she lived in CO) And then when we all got email, she started printing out those little quotes and stories I sent her and compiling them into a notebook for me. Wasn't that sweet?
I knew that someday I would inherit that precious book and I was so excited. After she died it was missing for 3 years!!! I used to pray and pray that God would reveal its whereabouts. He did! It finally turned up and I have it now. I love it!!!!

These are some of my favorite goofy/cute things the kids have said this past year or so that she would've got a kick out of.
She would be really glad to know that I am actually writing them down! : )

"That clock has stopped. That really TICKS me off."

Mom: "Do you want to use the lint brush on your shirt?"
Kiddo: "Why? Isn't this the season of Lent?"

"I want a shirt that says 'I have the best dad in the world.'"

"Mom, you sure put some lame things on that blog."

"You are the best mom I ever had."

"Tennis isn't tennis without Dad."

"I wish that there were such a thing as genies to grant my wish that the whole world would get saved."

"Why do they always sing "Saved a ranch like me?"

"Are you on your blob?"

"Boys have gallbladders and girls have bladders."

"Don't say anything cute or Mom will put it on the blog."

"Why are they called 'the children of Isreal' when they were over 30 years old?!"

"Isn't it lying to clean our room so much before company comes and make them think it's always this clean?"

"It seems like this room has magical rowdy powers."

"Why would I want to get out of bed when I have such incredible pajamas."

"God bless the person who invented gift cards!"

"I have enough socks to last until Jesus comes."

"If Dad was a wall, you would still say he was cute, Mom."

"I'm not going to have tons of children when I grow up because they'd be too rowdy."

"Mom! I can't be referred to on the Internet as an olive plant!"

Kiddo: "Why did Martha*Stewart go to jail anyway?"
Other kiddo: "I think she stole someone else's recipe."



Sniz said...

Wow. What a gift! I am so glad you found that. That is something to teasure...for sure!

Hogan Mom of 3 said...

LOL That is priceless!! You will treasure it for years to come! I know I got a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

those were hilarious!!! thank you for sharing...I love the one about not wanting to be referred to as olive plants on the computer :)

Kimberly said...

These are great! I love these and you will remember them forever. Nice blog.