"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 20, 2008

The pets!

Joy caught this awesome picture of Jimmy the other day!!! He is getting so pretty.

We think we've heard him 'singing' the music to the Wii* and making the sounds of the boxing game! He got really excited and sang away to Handel's Messiah in school yesterday. : )

While I'm at it, here is Honey!
It is kind of funny to have a dog named the same thing I call my hubby and that he calls me. (we didn't name her) Once in awhile it gets a little confusing.

I always feel like I ought to go and tell new neighbors that I'm not yelling for my husband when I open up the door late at night calling "Hon-ey!!!"
She doesn't always come when called. : )

There was one Sunday morning, when she got out of our yard and we couldn't find her. The whole family was in a panic. We all went our separate ways to look for her. I stood in the middle of the street in a dress and bare feet (lovely!) calling "Honey!!!" (and hoping the neighbors knew that I meant the dog.) Ha ha ~ They were probably glad to see my hubby drive up soon afterwards. ; )
And we were really glad to see Honey show up!

No photo of the fish! But the crazy fun we've had with them is here.
Fishy heart attacks, flushing and a Nemo impersonation. : )



Sniz said...

Wow, the bird is gorgeous. How long do they live again and has it been hard to take care of him?

Becky said...

I have a cousin that used to call our grandma Honey. I am not sure how it started, except that it was when she was too young to speak properly.

She is a beautiful dog by the way. Just beautiful. And Jimmy is pretty handsome too.

Toni said...

LOL! The Honey story cracked me up. The fish tale too. You know, I had a goldfish and a bunch of guppies and Black Mollies. Over time, the numbers seemed to dwindle. And I thought, "Hmmm, just how many fish did I have in here?" And then we started to see gore. Missing tails. Missing fins. And (gulp) half a fish. We were too slow in catching on. The Goldfish! He was a cannibal. And like Jeff Probst's hit show, he outwitted, outlasted, outplayed every fish in that tank. Every. One! :O

Susan said...

I love the dogs name. Honey. That is priceless. That is too funny yelling for honey late at night to come home.

Sniz said...

Growing up, we had a dog named Precious. Yeah. I know. Awww.

Assembly of God Blogs Admin. said...

Great story. Thanks for the laugh today!
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