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December 4, 2007

December decorating

My hubby calls me the Christmas Queen.
Sometimes that is a compliment for all that I do to make this season special...
At other times, we both know it is code word for 'Christmas decoration control freak.' Does anybody else rearrange the ornaments your kids put up when they are in bed? I know, I'm weird.

After our photo shoot the other day, we had a little decorating party after school.

Unfortunately, it wasn't too cozy a moment to tuck into our memories. Which is really a bummer because I won a free c.d. and agreed to post about a family event we did while listening to it. ; )

Somehow some candy canes were packed away with the ornaments that had been stored in the attic last year. This meant that when I opened that box, I found a roach fest in progress, which caused me to do a lot of shrieking and squealing.
And that led to much teasing from one of my boys who thought I was way too wimpy.
Then I had one kiddo zooming the antique baby Jesus from my husband's grandmother around the room and another one tossing glass balls we received at our wedding ....
Maybe it was the eggnog? (ha ha)
So, the Christmas Queen (the side of me that is the decoration control freak) had a few things to say...

But before all that happened, we were happily listening to this:

And it was beautiful. All of the kids commented on the music. I especially liked "Christmas Angels."

We are really big Michael W. Smith fans. Nathan and my hubby were in the audience when "Above All" was recorded live at a church in the area. It is a fond memory of theirs and they love to talk about it whenever they hear the song.

~Next year, I think the Christmas Queen is going to hide the antiques and let the kids do all the decorating! -Without me even rearranging them. Imagine that?!
I think they will be really suprised and happy. : )

And we will definitely be playing more of this great c.d. throughout the season!



Becky said...

Well ... that sounds like a normal American Christmas celebration to me. Complete with roaches and teasing siblings.

Actually, I have always rearranged the ornaments. Sometimes you just have to.

But now I do the whole tree myself because no one else wants to. They have outgrown it. They want it done, they just dont' want to do it. So no more rearranging.

I want that CD. I am coveting it. I have seen it all over the place, and can't find one in the stores. I am looking furiously this weekend. That's final.

Sniz said...

Yeah, I have exerted a mighty effort and have not rearranged the kid's ornaments even though most of them are hanging almost to the floor around the bottom of our tree. That really is one of my pet peeves. THe image of your son running around with the precious antique baby Jesus cracked me up!