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December 28, 2007


We have just said good bye to our family this morning as they are headed to another part of the state to see some of their relatives. They will be back on Sunday night to stay one more night.

The kids and I have done a little cleaning and remade the beds for the next round of company (friends from TX) that will arrive in an hour!

We had a blast with our family.
Here is my hubby leading us in Christmas carols on Christmas morning.

The guys of the family called it "an air soft gun Christmas."
We set up a war zone in the backyard and they played capture the flag but it was capture the shoe

and it included lots of shooting. ~That's about all I know since my sister-in-law and I stayed in the house. But the dads were out there, high up in the tree house as referees. I bet they can't remember the last time they sat in a tree house together. ; )

We also played lots of family football . Even Joy got in there and played and had a touch down or two. You go, Girly! ; ) There was lots of video gaming and eating and more eating...

We took lots of video footage of the fun since cousin Philip and Nathan are both the owners of Flip Videos now. (boy, are those things fun!)

My dad said that he and my mom sent me something that I have always wanted and that I would be the first in the family to own.
That had me stumped since my kiddos have all the fun gadgets WAY before I even know what they are. (the Flip being one of those for sure)

Anyway, what they sent me was this:

It's a Mexican taco shop for a Christmas village

and it lights up!

Isn't it too funny?! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

I have a THING for Mexican food and this is the absolute perfect gift for me! It makes me laugh and think of growing up in San Diego and eating at all my favorite little taco shops. We used to say that the ones that looked the worst always had the best food. So, the dumpier looking the better. I'm going to keep it in the kitchen all year round and smile at it. And try not to think of the roll tacos I'm missing by living in Fl. ha ha

Guess what? Good news for my gang! The Wii* is in! And when I told them we were going to pick it up, one of them thought I said "wheat." ; ) Too funny!


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Susan said...

Too funny the Taco Shop. I grew up in Southern california and then moved to Phoenix, Az. Great Mexican food in both places. Now I live in SW Iowa and Mexican food here is made with ketchup. What a fun post.