"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

September 26, 2007

Wrapping up the vacation

Friday was our anniversary!
It turned out to be such a blessing that we couldn't afford our 'honeymoon hotel.'
We decided to be adventurous and try Price line.com since we had a small budget.
We heard that waiting til the last minute to make your offer, was the best way to go. We waited until a week before our date. We put in the amount we wanted to pay ($99) and the star rating we wanted it to have, which was 3. Three star hotels in that area are over $200.00 a night.

Guess what happened? They upgraded us (don't know why) to a 4 star and accepted our offer!
It turned out to a Hilton! It was beautiful! Right on the bay! (usually $260.00 a night)

We felt so blessed! We will definitely try Price line again the next time we have a reason to get a room.
We had a wonderful time.

Many thanks to my parents for keeping our kiddos. : )

The next day we had a family picnic at the park. And I think everyone we are related to in or out of the city came. While we were there they took a vote and decided we should move out there! ; ) ~We felt very loved!

We all had so much fun, we stayed the entire day...

It was great to see everyone, visit, eat and play Frisbee together. I didn't know I was married to such a Frisbee pro -with 'moves' no less! ha ha
Sunday morning we headed for home. ...Then the kids spent the next two days trying to convince us to move... I told them to take that up with Jesus. : )

We'd like to give a huge thanks to the L Family who gave us the plane tickets.

I hope our kids remember that all of this happened because they prayed that we could somehow go to CA this year. And then God made a way, where there wasn't a way.

And WHAT a way He made and WHAT a time we had.

Thank you, Lord.



Becky said...

Great conclusion to a wonderful trip of a lifetime. Thanks for shaing.

No ... I can't picture Beth taking out her trash either. But I can picture her praying over her son in law while she's doing just about anything I guess.

Toni said...

Y'all had waaaaay too much fun (and I had fun living vicariously through you). What wonderful memories you've tucked away, Becky. We're off to SFO in 7 more days.