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September 19, 2007

Vacation part 3

On Tuesday we went to Balboa Park.
I love the architecture. The park was built for one of the World's Fairs back in the 20's. (I think it was)

The Dead Sea Scrolls were actually on exhibit in one of the museums.

I got a kick out of Joy asking:
"Are all those people in line to see Dead Sea squirrels?" ; )

When we were kids, my dad used to take us on Sunday drives to Balboa Park after church. We used to climb this really huge, old tree and he always bought us ice cream cones afterwards. So, that was our goal. Eating ice cream right before lunch is not a usual occurrence that's for sure. Unfortunately, that dear tree is 90 something years old now and has a big fence around it. We tried to get ice cream cones next and they said they weren't available! : (
We went to a playground for another nice picnic and then we headed back to find that the ice cream machine was in full swing. Hurray!
Then we drove over Coronado bridge which is beautiful. And I (not my kids) somehow spilled my ice cream all down my shirt! My mom teased me and I laughed so hard, I could hardly breathe.
We drove around Coronado and Point Loma and then headed home.

The kids had a quick swim and then we headed an hour north, to visit our dear, special friend S.
He is the one I mentioned here that led my hubby to the Lord.
It was really special to introduce our kids to him. It really blessed me that they were able to sit in on one of his Bible studies. I loved hearing him pray again. I can't tell you how many hours I spent listening to him share the Word as a teenager. He means a great deal to us and it was very special to see him again after 16 yrs.
Then we drove back to San Diego.

Here's a quick list of things they have in CA that we don't:

Carpool lanes (what a blessing those are in major traffic!)

20 lane freeways

TVs at the gas pump (my hubby watched the news while filling up! amazing!)
Two story Wal*Marts with escalators for the carts!!! (major attraction to our kids!)

Black sand

~Becky : )


gr8tful4grace said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Welcome back! ~Yvonne

Toni in the midst` said...

Two story War-Marts? Oh my! And I do recall the carpool lane when I lived there (and the people who would drive in them with a doll in the seat next to them so they wouldn't get busted for "borrowing" that lane).
p.s. Dead Sea Squirrels. BAHAHAHA!