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September 21, 2007

Vacation part 4

We spent Wednesday at the San Diego Zoo! We had so much fun with my parents and my sister.
Dad and Jen made great tour guides. My hubby and I really enjoyed not having to figure out the park and how to see everything in one day and where to go next. They had it all figured it out.
It was great!
We found this guy alone in the corner of the petting zoo. Doesn't he look like he's in time out?

The Mir cats were a big hit. And so were the polar bears! My hubby (and hero) noticed a family that needed help pushing a man in a wheel chair up this steep hill and so off he went taking Zach and Nathan with him. It was quite a hill. This woman was so grateful, she just kept saying "Thank you Jesus" all the way up the hill behind them. : )
Our all time favorite animals were the PANDAS!!!!!!!

Isn't he the cutest thing ever?! They are on loan to the zoo from China. We were able to view the new baby on the Panda Cam TV. Cute as could be! We had to whisper, lest we disturb them. San Diegans are crazy about their pandas, for good reason. : )

I tried my first fish taco. They are good! And I don't even like seafood. I guess that goes to show that anything is good with GUACAMOLE on it. ha ha I should add fish tacos to my list of things that we don't have in FL!

The seal show was slightly familiar, I don't think it has changed in the last 25 yrs. : )
But it was still fun to watch. My sister left before the show because she and her friend were having us all over for dinner after our day at the zoo and she wanted to get things ready.

As we were heading out of the zoo we found out they were having a clearance sale (Yahoo!) and so the kids got zoo t-shirts for about $2.50 a piece! What fun! We also bought a sweatshirt to take home to Carlos. It's still WAY to early to wear sweatshirts yet in FL.

Then we went to my sister's house and relaxed.

The kids got a second wind of energy from somewhere (I wish I had that much) and went exploring in the canyon behind the house. They came back covered in sticky weeds but they were all smiles because they had picked flowers for N and J to thank them for the two free zoo tickets they'd blessed us with. Those new t-shirts sure came in handy after we picked all the weeds from their hair.

My sister is such a great hostess!

We had a really nice evening. We made some new friends and had a wonderful meal (and lots of GUCAMOLE) and listened to LIVE music. What a treat! (thank you, N!)


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