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September 18, 2007

Vacation fun part 2

It was such a special week that the Lord blessed us with, that I'm going to do a post about each day and post a few of the 220 pictures we took. : )

So, here we go...
On Monday, we all woke up around 4:00 or 5:00 am. That whole internal clock thing. We were still on FL time. We didn't actually get up till around 6:00 or so. And to us, that felt like really sleeping in.
My hubby and kiddos had an early morning swim and played volleyball in the pool while my dad and I watched and visited.
Then we packed our lunches and headed off for a big fun day of sightseeing.
Our first stop was Mission Beach. My kiddos found out how very chilly the Pacific Ocean is!
We stumbled upon the coolest place that had simulated waves in a pool. Surfers would take turns riding these perfect waves. It was really fun to watch. Once in awhile they wiped out and that made it even more fun. It made us even more excited about our upcoming surfing lessons.

Then we were off to beautiful La Jolla.
The boys got so excited when we passed a Lamborghini car dealership and then a Rolls Royce one and then a Ferrari one.... We had to drive by those twice.
We had a great time at the Cove looking at the sea lions and picnicking. It was a gorgeous day! We had a couple sea lion pups swim up near the sea wall where we were standing. Were they ever cute! Carlos suggested we retake a photo of this one and add our children to it. So, we tried to stand in the same spot or so we thought. Our kiddos weren't too enthused about standing next to us
as we were smooching on the beach. ; )
What was really bizarre was the fact that there was a woman on that rock that jets out over the water and she looked like she was worshipping the sun or something. She was out there in a bathing suit making all kinds of worshipful hand motions to it. Strange! We tried to wait her out but whatever she was doing was taking a long time. Then my dad had the bright idea of aiming his shot in such a way that our heads blocked the view of her in the camera! yay!

Then we went to a little gift shop that is built over an underground cave! We paid to enter the cave and go down 145 steps to the bottom which opened out to the ocean! We were all breathing heavy after that.

The next stop was Mt. Soladad. Have you heard of that controversy? There was an atheist who is now deceased, but he spent 20 yrs. or so trying to have the cross taken off the mountain. (it's a war memorial) Its so beautiful up there. I'm so thankful he didn't succeed! You can see all of San Diego up there. It's an incredible view. My hubby had the idea to take our picture in "the shadow of the cross." Which we all thought was so cool, because that's how we want to live our lives.... Amen!My sister works at the La Jolla Playhouse and we stopped by and were treated to a wonderful tour of the different stages. We learned about how things work back stage and watched some people building sets etc... Really neat!

You'd think that would be enough for one day, but I wanted to squeeze in one more thing! Not my best idea.

We tried to do our favorite Torrey Pines nature walk. But, after 16 yrs. things had changed and the parking lot was now a golf course. We used to be able to park our car and walk a mile and come to the edge of the some cliffs and look down on the ocean...and it was so beautiful, especially at sunset. (but that meant high tailing it to your car before it got dark and you couldn't see the trail anymore) Taking the trail didn't work out, but I'd say we walked for a good couple of miles if not more and ended up coming down a huge hill to the beach. Not as cool, but still nice. My dear hubby picked us up in the car so that we wouldn't have to walk back up the HILL. He was my hero!!!
All that in one day. Whew!
Thankfully, we weren't quite that busy everyday!~ Almost but not quite. : )


Toni in the Midst said...

Ahhh, these were so fun to view and read about. We're off to San Fran (two weeks from today). We hope to see Alcatraz, Santa Cruz and the boardwalk, the 17 mile drive at Pebble Beach including the lone Cypress, Muir woods, the Golden Gate bridge, Golden Gate park, China Town, Lombard Street, a trolly ride, Half Moon Bay and of course where I lived when I worked there years ago. And um, we hoped to do all that in three days (dream big, Toni).

Becky said...

What a fabulous vacation you had. Your pictures are amazing. I have been told that the scenery on the west coast is just incredible. My husband drove PCH a few years back and was amazed at the gorgeous scenery on one side and the houses hugging the mountains on the other.

It was so fun to see a picture of you. We could be sisters I believe. Dark hair (well, mine is a bit peppered at this point - I'll be the older sister ok?) and of course your obvious preference for chocolate! That cake is amazing! I guess we better not be sisters though. We'd be confused what with having the same name and all.

I am so glad you had a wonderful time. So worth the effort and money to get out. And Happy Birthday by the way.

I will be glad to tell you what we use for mosquitoes. We use a 'Cutter Bug Free Backyard' spray. It is one of those that you attach to the hose and just use it to 'water' everything.

We pull all the plants off the porches and put them on the lawn, wash them down, then spray them well with the Cutters.

Then I sweep off the porches and justhose them down with water to get rid of any incubating skeeters.

Then we use that Cutter spray to spray the lawn, the woods, the gardens, everything all around the yard.

It says it lasts 4 weeks and I am not sure it is really THAT good, but I know it is a good while before we have to do it again. We only use it during the worst of the season, so it may be that it really does last a month.

I hope you can find it at your local W-mart and that it will work for you. We Floridians have to stick together.