"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

January 29, 2017

Graduations for us both

Andrew graduates from high school in June and we are trying to decide how we want to go about honoring him. Our other kids all participated in a state-wide  home school ceremony, which they informed me was way more for my benefit than theirs. : )
One draw back is that they don't really feel like a 'class' since they have never met the other 200 kids until that weekend. LOL
But it is a beautiful ceremony! -And the sweetest form of agony ever. ; )
Agony, in that, by the time you hear the achievements (and there are many) and the future plans of EVERY single student, you've been there 4 hours before they ever get to toss their caps in the air. Yeah, it isn't for the faint of heart. ; )
-My kids will never forget those who gave up their ENTIRE Sundays to sit through this out of love for them.

So, there has been lots of discussion around here about doing something different for Andrew. Mainly because without his dad here, he frankly thought it would be too sad. He still does.
And I can't picture sitting in the parents section alone -or at least not without bawling my eyes out. But there isn't a whole lot about life that isn't painful right now. And I think it might be worse if we downplay his graduation in hopes of making it easier. He deserves to be honored.
My best friend and her son are coming. (they saw all our other kids graduate except for Zac because their niece graduated on the same day) They said they aren't missing Andrew's and are flying out here. (insert a million hearts and a crying emoji or two)
I totally plan on trying to sneak her into the parents section with me no matter how strict the rules are!

Speaking of school, as of February 13th, all of my college-age kids will be back in their various schools. I'm so thrilled about that!!! They all had to take a break during hubby's cancer battle and beyond, understandably so.
 -Except for Andrew, who is a high school student and didn't have that luxury. (another reason to honor him!)
Seeing them all get back to pursuing their goals, means so much to me and is truly worth celebrating.
I know their dad would be so proud of their determination and perseverance. I am.

The other thing we've been trying to figure out, is how we are going to celebrate the end of my 19 year homeschooling career! We've had some extravagant ideas and are now scaling way back to some more realistic, budget-friendly ones. : )
No matter what, it will be fun!
I'm so grateful for this part of God's plan for our family. And I'll be excited to be done. -Speaking of which, I have philosophy to correct.


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