"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 28, 2016


I found out that BUG SPRAY cleans cloudy headlights!
And I've been way too excited about this fact and accidentally inhaled a large amount of bug spray yesterday while cleaning mine and my kids' cars! It works so well!!!
I thought bug spray might become my Windex (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
but it didn't do magical things on the other surface I tried. Be aware that you have to spray it on a rag first because if you get any on your car, it will eat away at the paint. That is a lovely piece of info that I was so thankful to know beforehand!

I've been working on a database at work that has lots of children's names in it and sometimes I just have to remark out LOUD and say things like "What were those parents thinking?" And "Who would name their child that?!"  Seriously, someone named their child "Serious."
Serious is 9. Bless their hearts.
Or there's Sincere, which is kind of sweet the more I think about it. -As long as you don't shorten it an call her 'Sin.' ; )
I don't know what to think about the name Real, though.

Or these spellings:  Liburty and Azaleya
(Yikes! Why not just spell those the real way!)
Jhordyn spelled like this is just annoying.
I kind of think the kid named Ninja probably doesn't mind though. LOL

I hear that we may have a hurricane this week. My kids can't think of hurricanes without thinking of The Lord of the Rings. The one and only time we felt the need to board up our windows, we watched LOTR movies in the only house on the street with power. Whoo-hoo!
And the hurricane changed directions PTL! I am not one to remember the names, so I can't tell you which one this was. But I do remember that the kids got to help Dad make a treehouse with all the plywood and that was awesome! -What a blessing that my only hurricane memories are happy ones!


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