"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 15, 2016

A painting party

This weekend it was all hands on deck at our house to paint Andrew's bedroom. It is a pretty large room that we added-on years ago, for all three boys to share and it certainly needed some paint!

My hubby was a painter and he worked for an incredible building company painting GORGEOUS  high end custom homes. All that to say, we all know how to paint in this family. LOL
Two of the kids are good at rolling and a couple are great at cutting-in. And Joy is the best at washing brushes, which is my least favorite job. Cutting-in is fun to me.
Hubby's little crew  bartered for music lessons when the kids were young. We also bartered for a gazillion antique bricks once and made a patio.
We've used the skill for gobs of ministry and of course, we all pitched in to do our own house after we added on. (which it could use again!)

One thing I never had to do was buy the paint, so I was clueless at Home Depot this weekend trying too figure out what finish to get.
I chose an eggshell. The only reason being, I remember him saying that word a lot. LOL

We had fun working together and reminiscing while we worked. (once of us isn't fond of painting due a spill of 5 gallons of paint inside someone's home when they were little). As usual, our dog got herself painted.

I did end up getting pretty choked up while buying the ceiling paint! This made one of my kids remind me that 'it's only paint, Mom.'
But I dont think painting isn't just painting to us. :)


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