"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 12, 2016


In our home,  fresh flowers were just for special occassions until my
brother-in-law came to live with us and  changed my mind about them.
My hubby's brother had a stroke while skiing when he was 50, and we used to take turns (with their other brother) taking care of him in our home for 4 months at a time.
At one point, my hubby made a suggestion that he try to think of some little way of thanking me for all that I was doing to help him...
And he chose flowers.
Not just once
but every single week!

To him they weren't just for special occasions. In his pre-stroke life he was always buying flowers. He believed a kitchen table should always have fresh flowers on it. It was very sweet.
Desite the painful things that happened, those flowers always brightened up our home.

After one of his stays with us, we found out that my hubby was battling cancer and that is when I gave myself a whopping $4 budget and continued buying flowers every week. :)
I realized how much I needed something bright and happy.

And I still buy them ...

And literally, just as I was writing this, a sweet friend came by with a dozen orange roses and said that she felt I needed them today! 

How amazing is that?! 

The Lord knows I have a thing for flowers!!!

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