"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 28, 2016

Spring Break is here

Our very dear friends from CA are here spending their spring break with us! Hooray!

 We could not be happier about this!

So far, we've had coffee at this hip and cool place ; ) 

One of the reasons I love M so much! She's always ready to praise the Lord! Anywhere!  :) 

We've shopped at the new outlet mall

Thursday we planned to go tubing down the Rainbow River, but everyone opted for more sleep that day! So we settled for our favorite beach instead. And the Californians didn't think that 72 degree water was so bad, but it was too cold for the rest of us! : ) 

Our kids all saw the midnight showing of Batman vs. Superman. And we were out looking for lamb on sale at 11:00 PM! Things like that only happen when M is in town. LOL 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding was Hubby and I's favorite romantic comedy for years, so I was beyond excited to see the second one on Friday! And in honor of that day, I made a BUNDT cake. ; ) 
Except I couldn't get it out of the pan and it ended up looking like this. 

So those lines about "What is it?" from the movie, were pretty applicable. 

M made us the most delicious Passover lamb meal. 
Then we all went to our church's Good Friday service. It was SUCH a beautiful and moving service! 
Accidentally "twinning"
We've had a wonderful time talking to the kids about what happened in Jesus' life on each day that week from the book of Mark and had some awesome Bible studies. (insert lots of heart emojis here)

Nathan is leaving next week, so we gave him a "Send Off Party" last night. He didn't want it to be called a "Going Away Party" because that sounded too sad. 
(Speaking of which, I may be one SAD mess on Friday) : ( 

We had a blast with a houseful of kids! 

On Easter, Andrew had the honor of serving in the worship band playing bass. 
And the worst thing ever happened. I promised to wake him up at 5:40 so that we could leave at 6:15. And my phone did an update and 
Did I mention it was Easter Sunday?! 
I got him to church 20 minutes before the first service started! 
I felt terrible! 

But, thankfully that kid can roll without much practice! Hallelujah! He's got a gift!

It was a beautiful service and such a blessing to all be together!

After he finished playing for the third service, we had a lovely Easter meal at the home of Zac's in-law's! 

It has been such a blessing to spend the week celebrating what the Lord has done for us,
 with some of our favorite people. The Lord knows just what we need and when! 


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