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March 8, 2016

Hearing the voice I love

I'm taking a little break from the recap of our trip to say that something awesome happened today!

My hubby's company contacted me wondering if I might know his Apple ID number to restore an old phone of his so that they can sell it. And I asked if they wouldn't mind if I kept that phone for a day to see if there was anything on it that he may not have downloaded to our computer back then, but that would mean a lot of us now, in light of all that happened. Of course, they didn't mind at all.

And we hit the jackpot!!!!
: )

But first you have to know:
When Hubby had surgery in January of 2015 to remove the tumor in his esophagus, the doctors told us that his voice might change as a result. So, he decided that he and our kids would sing and play the "theme song" he chose, for this trial in our lives,  (Hello Hurricane by Switchfoot) on their instruments before the surgery, and record it, just in case. They had their jam session on 12/27/14 and since I knew that he was recording it, I just took some pictures.
In addition to that song, the night before the surgery, Andrew had the foresight to record Dad reading some of his favorite chapters in the Bible while he played his guitar softly in the background.

Well, Hubby's voice didn't change and he was cancer-free. So, we moved on with life! Hallelujah!
-Hubby got a new phone and Andrew had 2 different iPods since they made their recording. I had  pictures of the day they sang and played together but no one knew exactly where the recording was that Hubby made. UNTIL TODAY!
He won so many cancer-battles, we never dreamed that he'd "lose the war," so to speak. That was almost 4 months ago.
I just can't even put into words what a blessing it was TODAY to hear his voice singing and playing his heart out on guitar with our kids! It made me so happy!
Then I cried my heart out listening to him read Colossians 3!
No words to describe how special it is to hear THAT VOICE again, that we all loved so much! It seems like its been so long...
Am I ever grateful for that old iPhone and the voice memos we found on it!
What a treasure! The kids and I texted those recordings to ourselves to keep forever!


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